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Title: Best Case Scenario: Affronted
Author: oper_1895
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: R
Pairing: none
Words: ~4000
Spoilers: Front Man, kinda.
Contains: Socially enforced power-play/indentured servitude, humiliation, bondage, and kidnapping, oh my!
Notes: I offered to fill prompts for my lovely readers (it's still open!). [personal profile] yamx asked for a continuation of Best Case Scenario. This fic follows the events of Front Man.

(p.s. All gifts will be filled by Boxing Day :D )

Betas: Many many thanks to [personal profile] jumpuphigh and [personal profile] bientot who helped me get this into shape.

Affronted )

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oper_1895: Neal Caffrey in a suit. (Default)
Title: Best Case Scenario
Author: oper_1895
Fandom: White Collar
Spoilers: Pilot. Kinda.
Rating: R for non-sexual kink
Contains: Bondage, spanking, bit of food control, socially enforced power play, non-con humiliation and sexual contact.
Word Count: ~ 12000

Notes/Summary: A fill for collarkink Prompt: Total AU where Neal literally belongs to Peter. He's basically sold or placed into slavery/indentured servitude as punishment for his crimes, and he's not very happy about it. Peter and El take on the task of training him. They all bond, to whatever extent you want, but there's also friction.

Bonus points for keeping them as much in character as possible, despite the crazy situation.

The end result was actually not very AU at all, it's been shined up a bit from the collarkink post, but it's still more a series of ficlets than a cohesively plotted fic. This 'verse will be the setting for several planned [community profile] kink_bingo fills.

Comments welcome! (I'm so out of practice with fic).

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