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Title: Fear Responses
Author: oper_1895
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: R
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Words: ~900
Spoilers: None
Contains: non-negotiated scene, scene gone bad, playing angry, rough body play.
Notes: For [personal profile] tigana who requested "I'd like something where Peter is slightly less than perfect with how he uses Neal's submission. Maybe because he's scared for Neal, and angry a little that Neal is in a particular situation."


Peter could still see the fading edges of the bruise on Neal’s face as Neal pushed himself up off the floor.

Neal had gotten himself involved again on a case where he‘d been specifically told to stay out of the way. Neal hadn’t listened, of course, because consequences were for other people. Peter wondered if this lesson might be one to finally stick, though. Neal‘d been bruised and battered by the time they got in there to extract him, and he‘d taken a couple of days off to recover.

Two weeks later, the bruises had faded to yellow and Peter figured that was an appropriate time for a lesson in self defence.

“Stop griping.” Peter snapped as Neal groaned. “This is important.”

“I know.” Neal set himself back into a reasonably effective defensive stance. Peter watched with satisfaction as Neal instantly raised his right hand to better protect himself. Neal’s eyes flickered up to Peter, a little bit wide, wondering if Peter had noticed his slip before it was corrected.

Peter lunged forward, reaching for Neal. Neal broke the wrist grab, but he missed Peter’s other hand, and the leg sweep. Peter broke through Neal’s attempt at a defence and dumped him back down on his back in seconds, just as quick as he had two hours ago when they started this lesson. It was like Neal wasn‘t trying at all. For someone normally so quick, Neal was being spectacularly dense when it came to doing the things Peter was trying to teach him.

Neal didn’t gotten up of the floor when Peter backed off to give him space. He shifted, so Peter knew he wasn’t hurt, but he was just lay there, limp on the floor. Peter nudged him with his foot, irritated. “Come on, Neal.”

“Give me a second.” Neal‘s voice was roughened by his heavy breathing.

“Do you think Michaelson’s guys would give you a second? You need to get this. Try harder.” Peter knew Neal could take this and more and he refused to let Neal give anything but his best. It was too dangerous if Neal went out there with false confidence in his abilities.

“I am trying harder, Peter. If you want me to keep going, you’ve gotta just give me a second.” Neal’s voice cracked slightly and he turned away from Peter, rolling onto his side in preparation to get up.

The words hit Peter like a bucket of cold water. Neal had been submitting to him. He’d responded to Neal’s attitude the way he would in play, but they hadn‘t talked about this before hand. Neal didn’t know what Peter wanted from this. There was no way Neal was actually going to be learning anything in this environment, but Peter had been acting as if he expected Neal to be able to actually improve. Fuck.

Neal was struggling slumped and panting. Every muscle in his body was tight and controlled as Neal tried to be what Peter wanted him to be. He was only doing this because he thought Peter wanted to do it, was getting off on it. And Peter was, kind of and that meant that this had gone terribly wrong. Peter thought this was a little tough-love teaching. Neal- Neal was not having a good time.

Peter groaned. “Oh fuck, Neal.”

Neal looked up to Peter with wide eyes, confused and a little bit hurt. Peter dropped down beside Neal. He was grateful when Neal went willingly into his arms; he hadn‘t screwed this up too badly. “I‘m sorry.”

Neal had been trying. He was desperate to please and Peter had kept pushing until Neal was about ready to snap. “I’m so sorry, Neal. This wasn‘t supposed to be play.”

“Oh.“ Neal’s voice was controlled as he digested that. Peter could see Neal re-evaluating the entire situation. Then Neal turned a small smile up at Peter. “It’s okay.”

He put on a good face, but Peter knew that the whole thing would be sour to Neal. Neal just wanted to know he was doing well. Peter had specifically not given him that satisfaction, and now Peter felt like shit.

Peter sighed. He could end it here, but then they’d both be miserable until Elizabeth came home. Peter could at least give Neal a little something.

“Are you up to doing one more thing before we’re done?” Peter asked hesitantly. “You don’t have to, we can just- not.”

Neal nodded cautiously. “I‘m still good.”

Peter helped Neal to his feet. Once Neal was ready, he grabbed Neal’s wrist. He tugged at Neal, attempting to draw him forward to where he’d be able to get a better hold on the man. Neal executed the technique perfectly, twisting his wrist neatly out of Peter‘s grip and making a reasonable attempt at an arm bar. It wasn’t perfect, but it did the job. Neal looked surprised and a little bit hopeful when he released Peter.

Peter pressed a quick kiss to Neal’s forehead. He let Neal see how pleased and proud he was and he could see Neal starting to unwind in response. It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly better than nothing.

“There you go,“ Peter grinned and slung an arm around Neal‘s shoulders. “I knew you could do it.”

Neal snorted. Peter ignored the amused eye roll, and concentrated on helping Neal back upstairs. They’d sort this out later, maybe Jones would be able to give Neal the basics. But for tonight, Peter had a lot of making up to do.


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