Apr. 1st, 2011

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Title: You Know You Like It
Author: oper_1895
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: R
Pairing: Peter/Neal, OMC/Neal
Words: ~1700
Spoilers: None
Contains: Violet Wands, electrical play, bondage, blindfolds, first time, adding a person to a scene without explicit negotiations just previous discussions on the theoretical.
Notes: From the collarkink prompt: So I discovered on Hulu.com, they have a documentary (probably from 70's or 80's) on Fetishes. The S&M club they visit is in Manhattan and I was thinking, what if Neal found a club he can visit in his radius? Peter gets curious and accidentally finds himself there (since he can pull up the tracking data.) Maybe Neal is blindfolded and Peter interrupts or takes over?

Summary: Peter didn't know what to expect when he followed Neal's tracking data to the club. He just wanted to make sure Neal was okay after a rough day at work. What he learns is that Neal is in good hands.

Beta: Many thanks to [personal profile] calvinahobbes for her beta work.

You Know You Like It )

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